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Introdans dances Andante and Polish Pieces

20 September 2014


In MEESTERSCHAP Introdans showcases two works of maestro Hans van Manen. Andante, set to music by Mozart, is one of Van Manen’s famous ‘ballets for two’. This is a genre at which the choreographer, winner of the internationally famed Benois de la Danse in 2013, excels.

In the dazzling Polish Pieces, the master choreographer applies his characteristic clear movement language and wonderful play of line to a piece for twelve dancers who storm across the stage in ever-changing combinations to the pulsating music of Henryk MikoĹ‚aj Górecki. The striking, brightly coloured costumes in Polish Pieces were created by the designer Keso Dekker.

To be seen In the Dutch theatres from 20 September 2014 until 28 January 2015.