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Cinedans: Camera on Van Manen

3 March 2013



Cinedans – Dance on Screen, in cooperation with the Dutch National Ballet, is presenting a special programme focusing on the work of master choreographer Hans van Manen and video maestro Henk van Dijk. Camera on Van Manen is a tribute to these two artists, highlighting their remarkable contribution to dance on film.

This programme brings together several remarkable video recordings of Van Manen’s ballets, accompanied by an interview with them both about their forty-year working relationship. The programme includes the legendary 1979 film Live for which Van Dijk followed the dancer Coleen Davis with a film camera on his shoulder as she performed live onstage at Carré theatre – as well as Kaïn en Abel, Van Manen’s 1961 ballet for Nederlands Dans Theater. The television version of this dance was filmed in part from the deck of a barge cruising along the canals of Amsterdam. The two installations Motion III and Portrait will also be on view.

Did you choreograph the cameraman’s movements for Live? He’s a kind of dancer too, isn’t he?’ ‘No, I didn’t give him any directions. I was involved, though, and I asked the cameraman to do certain things. Then we tried them out to see what sort of effect they had. I don’t know what I was hoping for, but when I saw it I just thought, “That’s exactly what I wanted.’” 
[From Tot U Spreekt… Hans van Manen, bijzonder hoogleraar, University of Nijmegen, 1992]

sunday 3 March 2013 | 14.00 - 16.00 hours

with the following guests: Hans van Manen, Henk van Dijk, Yteke Waterbolk and Rachel Beaujean

For more infromation and tickets www.cinedans.nl