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The Dutch National Ballet presents Solo (1997)

24 August 2009

The Dutch National Ballet's 2009-2010 season turns the spotlight on the genius George Balanchine (1904-1983) and on the influence his work has had, and still continues to exert, on choreographers the world over. Indeed alongside Balanchine's Stravinsky Violin Concerto, this programme features Solo by Hans van Manen who has said: 'In the studio Balanchine is always looking over my shoulder'. Solo (1997) is a high-octane race for three men, driven by the killing tempo of Bach's Partita. A six-minute masterpiece. Former resident choreographer of New York City Ballet, the Englishman Christopher Wheeldon – sometimes dubbed 'the next Balanchine' – launched his own troupe Morphoses last year. In Tryst – created by Wheeldon for The Royal Ballet in 2002 and now being mounted on another company for the first time - he imbues the (neo)classical ballet technique with an unexpected and exciting stimulus. For its fourth work the programme brings a world premiere by the American Nicolo Fonte, entitled Record of Joy, who made his Dutch National Ballet debut in 2007 with (in) verse form. To be seen from 10 September 2009 onwards, check www.het-ballet.nl