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Historical collection Hans van Manen in DVD box set Master of Movement

7 August 2008

In 2007 Hans van Manen celebrated his 75th birthday and because of this special occasion the HANS VAN MANEN FOUNDATION has produced, in cooperation with the NPS, the unique DVD box set Master of Movement.

This DVD box set is a collection of the choreographer Hans van Manen's life's work, a combination of beautiful TV recordings and the one-camera-registrations of video master Henk van Dijk.

The first copy of the DVD box set Master of Movement was presented to Alexandra Radius on November 11th 2007 at the Holland Dance Festival.

Master of Movement

The DVD box set Master of Movement contains recordings of Hans van Manen's most beautiful ballets, for example Adagio Hammerklavier, Concertante, Grosse Fuge, Sarcasmen, Squares, 5 Tango’s and Two Pieces for Het.

Master of Movement, a 6 DVD box set, is produced in an exclusive limited edition and will only be available through selected distributors as well as this website.